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Batam well know as miniature of Indonesia, where you can find almost all culture and people from around the country here. and batam can be your first gate before explore other city in Indonesia. Lot of things you can find for short holiday, such as Miniature house, traditional dancing, and also for modern holiday such as, seafood restaurant, shopping, massage, night life, sightseeing etc.

 Batam is located very near to both neighboring Singapore and Malaysia, with numerous convenient international ferry trips connecting these countries daily. This fact has helped Batam to become recognized as the # 3 tourism destination in Indonesia, just behind the nation’s capital city Jakarta and the tourist paradise of Bali. Batam, though primarily known for cheap shopping, seafood, and spa treatments, sits within the Riau Archipelago province, a region of Indonesia known its rich assortment of beautiful islands and rustic seascapes. Little known by many, just a short distance from Batam’s multiple international ferry terminals, one can get a small taste of the iconic natural wonders that the Riau Archipelago region has to offer.

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17 seat

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Things to do in Batam

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