Batam Vaganza

Citra Batam Layer Cake

Best Layer Cake

Layer cake is a very famour for tourist to buy, one of the most delicious cake in the word.

Discussing about layer cake maybe you already used to with several homemade and factory, but here I will recommend you a hidden gems, why I say hidden gems, because not all tourist and even tour agent know this brand.

Citra layers that before known as Dapur abdi homemade start bussiness in 2017 with the location in Citra Batam C167. The cake I believe very suitable for you who dont like too sweet and not too oily eventhough the cake use full butter.

Cavin Teo Blogspot already made a review about this place

If you interest to try this brand, we have special deal for all customer who engage transport with us.

We’ll put a sample cake in all vehicle for you to try. finally decision in your hand.